Who made his 150th appearance for the Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2022?

Who recently made his 150th appearance for the kolkata knight riders?

Indian Premier League is a festival of cricket that is played in country India where all country players are combinedly play in a team and the team is owned by some franchise. The match will be played between franchises so this cricket is also known as franchise cricket. At this time, 10 franchises will appear in the IPL so in this blog post, we will discuss one franchise named Kolkata Knight Riders. There is one golden player who will play 150 matches for them so get ready to know the player who will stick with the Kolkata franchise from the start. So let’s know this.

Who made his 150th appearance for the Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2022?

Sunil Narine is the one player who is connected with Kolkata Knight Riders from the beginning when the Frenchies started. He will achieve the milestone in the IPL 2022 season. This milestone that he achieved in their match against the Rajasthan Royals on April 18, 2022 match. On this day he will wear a special jersey which is given by the Frenchies. He will also cut the cake in the dressing room where all the staff and the team members with the franchise owner are present.

Sunil Narin

Narine has been an important player for KKR since he started his career in IPL with the KKR franchise and the first match he played in 2012. He will contribute with both ball and bat for KKR. He is the first player in the franchise’s history who has reached the 150-appearance mark, he will be a true KKR legend.

Who is Sunil Narine?

Sunil Narine is a famous cricketer from the West Indies who will give his performance with both his bat and ball. He represented West Indies with all three formats like in a test in one day or in T20. He will retire from international cricket in November 2023. He said goodbye to all formats of international cricket and said that he would only continue to play franchise cricket. 

He will come with his skill of bowling as a proper spinner but he has different variations so in international cricket, everyone calls him a mystery spinner.  Before some years he had some issues in his bowling action so ICC banned him from international cricket. Then he came with some major changes in his bowling action and played international cricket but there was a lack of Sunil Narayan’s ball So he decided to leave international cricket from all formats. So that is the journey of a true legend of KKR.


So we think we will deliver you your desired answer Sunil Naryan is the only player who will play 150 matches for the KKR franchise. The KKR franchise will also give him respect as a senior player and give special priority to him he also gives match-winning bowling performance and batting performances for KKR. So he is the legendary player for the KKR franchise. So we give you our proper research about Sunil Narayan’s cricket career. So thanks for reading. 

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