Which Team won the World Cup, the first time the Final was decided by a Super Over?

All over world, everyone is a sports lover and between this sports cricket take a another space in everyone hart and the world Cup is the festival for every cricket lover so in this blog post we discuss about which team won the world cup, the first time the final was decided by a super over and new zealand and england match highlight briefly see what happen in this thrilling game and how england will win the world cup.

If you are a cricket lover then you will see the World Cup final between England and new zealand how the drama in this match in the end england will win but they play two super over then they win so if you want to do know what happened in this game so read at last.

Which team won the World Cup, the first time the final was decided by a super over?

England will win the World Cup for the first time in a Super Over. The World Cup final was decided by a super over for the first time in cricket, when it was played between England and New Zealand. In this match New Zealand will bat fast and score 241 runs then they ball very well they will bold England openers and top order very quickly but Ben Stokes will play the game very well and the score will level with New Zealand.

In the super over, England scored 15 runs without falling a wicket but New Zealand also scored 15 runs but lost one wicket. So a result came to favor England, England were declared the winners on the boundary count-back rule, having hit 26 boundaries in the match to New Zealand 17.

The New Zealand and England Match Highlights

England will win the World Cup

In this World Cup final match, New Zealand will bat first and they score 241 runs in his 50 overs after the england better come to play and they also reach to 41 runs in there 50 overs so the match will tie and the concept of super over will come and the cricket fans will ready for a great thriller.

When the first super over will play england win bat fast and the score 15 runs in their 6 balls and the do not fall any wicket but when New zealand comes to play they also score 15 runs in their 6 balls but they will lost only one wicket so the result and the winner do not come out of the super over so a boundary count rule will apply in this game in which england will hit 26 boundaries and New zealand hit only 17 boundary so england win win.

At last, the 2019 Cricket world cup final was a thrilling and dramatic match that will go down in history as the first time the super over was used to decide the winner of a world cup final.


So the best thrilling match of the world cup is decided by a super over we will discuss in very simple words in this blog post so you know everything properly. Then give the best comment in our comment section and thanks for reading.

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